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commercial boiler CABK

CABK and CABK Plus
Medium and high output steel oil/gas boilers

The CABK and CABK Plus range are steel boilers to be fitted out with oil or gas burner and a choice of four control panels: standard, B3, K3 or DIEMATIC m3.
Their steel single block two flue gas path heating body helps them to achieve an efficiency of up to 92.4% depending on the model. The combustion chamber is especially designed to adapt easily to all blown air oil and gas burners, including ones with low nitrogen oxide emissions.

  • Very high efficiency
  • Hard-wearing, tried and test construction
  • Easy handling and connection

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Characteristics of the range

Model CABK
Output 98.7 to 930 kW 1210 to 2900 kW
Boiler type
Energy Oil/Gas
Function Heating only
Burner Oil or gas retrofit
Connection Chimney
Selection of control systems
standard, B3, K3 or Diematic m3

Details of the models

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