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Control panel E-PILOT
Control panel

This interface has been designed to facilitate your navigation, access and understanding of information. The E-Pilot allows you to easily manage your heating.

The E-Pilot control panel equips the CF / CFU boilers and the Alezio S and Alezio S V200 heat pumps - including the hybrid versions - and enables the management (with programming) of a direct circuit, a circuit with a 3-way valve and hot water production. E-Pilot is equipped with a transparent backlit screen that provides quick access to temperature setpoints.

• For CF / CFU boilers: The control of 1 or 2 circuits with a mixing valve is possible by installing 1 or 2 "extension mixer boards" (option). The boiler is controlled by the outside sensor via the heating curve.

• To monitor the installation, it is possible to read the error history and the operating hours counter.


Switching from heating to cooling mode takes place automatically depending on the outside temperature. Simplify your life with the integrated functions of the user interface such as child safety, time programs, vacation function and error messages, which are displayed directly on the start screen.
Thanks to the thermostat connected to Smart TC °, you can also control your heating remotely in 2 different zones and independently of each other.

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Control panel E-PILOT