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Control panels

What is a control system?

It is the intelligence of the heat generator, heat pump, etc.). A good control system incorporates calculation algorithms that can very precisely manage the heating installation by anticipating changes in the weather conditions.

The control system adapts the installation's water temperature based on the outdoor temperature while factoring in the building inertia. This guarantees maximum comfort with a constant temperature throughout the entire home (no room temperature variation). The control system optimises the generator's operating cycles.

Control system auxiliary room thermostat

The room thermostat and modulating room thermostat (when equipped with an outdoor temperature sensor) enable:

  • the room temperature measurement to be factored in to fine-tune user comfort
  • certain boiler functions (more generally heat generator functions) to be transferred to the room, or the room representing the home

The room thermostat (with or without outdoor temperature sensor) fine-tunes the comfort in the room, taking into account the free gains (chimney, several occupants in the reference room, etc.).

The room thermostat has a simple on/off effect on the boiler, while the modulating room thermostat with outdoor temperature sensor has a more finely tuned operation with modulation (more economical and comfortable to guarantee a longer generator service life).

Why opt for a connected solution?

Connected solutions offer precise control of a heating installation using your chosen parameters. They offer numerous advantages for day-to-day operation.

Ergonomics: the heating can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet using an intuitive app.

Mobility: an entire installation can be controlled remotely, the temperature adjusted room by room and the various available functions activated or deactivated. It is also possible to define the rules for customising the operation of the installation based on the user's lifestyle and to programme custom scenarios.

Peace of mind: thanks to remote monitoring with access to certain installation information (room temperature, mode, water pressure, generator temperature, etc.) and generator fault notifications.

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The DIEMATIC System® control system contains a programmable control. It is very easy to use and means that it is possible to modify easily the temperatures, the programmes and a number of other parameters at any time.

Product photo Smart TC

Connected room thermostat SMART TC°

  • Remote management of heating and domestic hot water
  • Intuitive to set up and very easy to use
  • Access option with malfuntion alerts and display of error codes

Photo MODBUS Communication Gateway for CTM and BMS

MODBUS Communication Gateway for CTM and BMS

Many programmable boiler room machine networks use Modbus as a communication protocol for Centralised Technical Management.

Photo VM Diematic Evolution control system

VM Diematic Evolution control system

The VM Diematic Evolution electronic control system controls and regulates up to three secondary circuits and two DHW circuits.

tableau de commande chaudiere pac connecte

E-Pilot control panel

Intuitive and ergonomic navigation
Self-adaptation to systems
SMART-TC ° compatible



Integrated into a wall-hung unit, the DIEMATIC VM iSystem electronic control system enables the control of two secondary circuits.