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A DIEMATIC 3 control panel is fitted with a programmable control system that adjusts a single stage or modulating burner according to the external temperature. By simply adding the optional "domestic hot water probe" it can also regulate and program domestic hot water production. With a very user-friendly display, it guidesthe user with easy-to-read text.

The DIEMATIC 3 control system is pre-programmed and requires no prior adjustment.

It is very simple to use and can very easily change temperatures, programmes and several other settings at any time.
If one or two optional PCBs card(s) are added, the unit can then pilot one or two circuits after a mixing valve.
With one or more additional room probes or interactive remote controls, DIEMATIC 3 will automatically adapt the heating curve of each circuit to the installation's characteristics and to the true heating needs, without any prior adjustment.
  • Domestic hot water probe as standard, or as an option
  • PCB + mixing valve probe, combustion probe, and a solar probe as options
  • Remote control