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Domestic hot water

Discover the range of domestic hot water products De Dietrich

FWP Hot water tanks with plate exchanger

  • Suitable for all types of collective buildings
  • As much hot water as you need at a constant temperature
  • High quality DHW
  • Economical system with controlled operating costs
  • High performance to meet any domestic hot water need

Foto de producto BLC 150 - 500

Independent HW tank B

  • High quality hot water
  • Reinforced insulation
  • Unlimited hot water

Photo produit préparateurs mixtes MPLC

Mixed HW tank MPLC

  • Dual operation for permanent comfort
  • Quality materials
  • MPLC: multiple fixing and installation possibilities

Electric water heater COR-EMAIL

  • Intelligent electronics that ensure high precision
  • Unequalled safety : no heating when tank is empty
  • A 100% reliable anti-legionella system
  • Hot water at a constant volume and temperature

Storage tank RSB

  • large volumes of storage
  • made of thick steel sheeting
  • Anti-corrosion system