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Photo produit Cor-émail horizontaux THS


These four horizontal models of 100, 150 and 200 litres are designed to be wall- or ceiling-hung. They can also be placed on wedges on the floor (optional). They provide you with plentiful hot water heated exactly to your desired temperature at any time and always at a constant temperature. The purity and conservation of the water are guaranteed by a vitrified enamel tank. The life span of Cor-émail water heaters is doubled thanks to the combined action of the anti-scaling system, the electric resistor and the anti-corrosion system of the new "Titan Hybrid System" titanium and magnesium anode.

Although these water heaters are designed to be connected to 230 V single phase, the 100- to 200-litre models can operate at 400 V three-phase thanks to the "Easytri" conversion kit (optional).
  • Capacity: 100 - 200L
  • Dimensions: H 860 - 1510 x Ø 505 mm
  • Equipment: electronic thermostat adjustable from 50 to 65°C, ICA system
  • Empty weight: 32 - 50 kg

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