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Hot water tanks with plate exchanger

The new range of FWP plate exchangers provides a response to all needs in terms of domestic hot water production for blocks of flats, hotels and healthcare establishments. It is synonymous of comfort, performance, healthcare safety and savings with controlled operating costs.

The production of instantaneous domestic hot water handled by an exchanger fitted with detachable stainless steel plates on an EPDM gasket for easy maintenance, a double pump and an independent control system to provide safe water in quantity at a constant temperature, regardless of demand. Every model has remote access and anti-legionella functions and can be programmed according to the needs of each system.

The range includes three models:
FWP: basic DHW tank for conventional boilers or heat networks
FWPC: high performance DHW tank to optimise condensing technology
FWPS: low temperature DHW tank to maximise the provision of renewable energies (solar and/or heat pump)

  • Suitable for all types of collective buildings
  • As much hot water as you need at a constant temperature
  • High quality DHW
  • Economical system with controlled operating costs
  • High performance to meet any domestic hot water need

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Details of the models

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