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Chaudiere fioul/gaz GT 220

GT 220
Low temperature cast iron fuel oil / gas-fired boiler (36 - 102 kW)

The GT 220 seduces with its elegant design and also responds to the most demanding of requirements: energy savings, silent operation, optimal comfort. With a choice of equipment - burner, control system, domestic hot water calorifier - the GT 220 adapts to all your requirements.

  • Economic and silent operation
  • Burner, regulation, domestic hot water: personalised comfort
  • Installation and maintenance made easier

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Characteristics of the range

Models GT 220 GT 2200
Output 36 - 102 kW 36 - 64 kW
Type of boiler Low temperature
Fuel source
Heating only  
Heating + domestic hot water:
160L or 250L calorifier under the boiler
Independent calorifier •   
Oil (to be fitted separately) optional optional
Gas (to be fitted separately) optional optional
Chimney flue
Control system (choice one)
B "Basic"
D "Diematic 3"
Diematic 3 + AD 217  

Details of the models

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GT 220
GT 2200