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Chaudière gaz MODULENS G AGC par De Dietrich

Modulens G AGC

The comfort of efficiency

This compact; attractive boiler provides you with the comfort of a constant temperature. Its new heating body in single-block cast aluminium silicium makes it ultra-responsive. It is equipped with an A-class modulating circulating pump which reduces electricity consumption as well as noise levels (except 35kW model).

Diematic iSystem: the easy and intelligent control system solution

The entire range is equipped with the Diematic iSystem control system with integrated control panel, at once user friendly, intuitive, intelligent and systems-oriented. It can handle the diversity of modern heating systems: 2 basic circuits and 3 optional circuits for evolutive, multi-energy heating solutions. It is extremely easy to browse and read (extra-large LCD display).

  • Output: from 10 to 35 kW
  • Dimensions: H 844 x W 600 x D 680 mm
  • Control system: Diematic iSystem
  • Weight empty: 54 to 60 kg

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Energy class

for AGC 25 with outside temperature sensor and room thermostat

A+++ A+