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chaudiere MODULENS G AGC V/B160SL par De Dietrich

Modulens G AGC V-B/ 160SL

Combine heating and hot water: the winning solution

This model combines the condensing boiler with a 160-litre coil hot water tank in order to allow you to make savings while providing you with optimal comfort.

As much hot water as you like

The enamelled hot water tank gives you the comfort of plenty of pure hot water, with a flow rate of 25.5 litres a minute. In addition, it is equipped with the new Titan Active System (on the 15 and 25 kW models) for perfect water conservation and the long life of the installation.

Diematic iSystem: the easy and intelligent control system solution

The entire range is equipped with the Diematic iSystem control system with integrated control panel, at once user friendly, intuitive, intelligent and systems-oriented. It can handle the diversity of modern heating systems: 2 basic circuits and 3 optional circuits for evolutive, multi-energy heating solutions. It is extremely easy to browse and read (extra-large LCD display).

  • Output: from 10 to 35 kW
  • Dimensions: H 1688 x W 600 x D 730 mm (V160SL model) H 918 x W 1200 x D 730 mm (B160SSL model)
  • Control system: Diematic iSystem
  • Weight empty: 134 to 140 kg (V160SL model) 136 to 142 kg (B160SL model)

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Energy class

for AGC25VH/V160SL with outside temperature sensor and room thermostat

A+++ A+
A+++ A