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DTG X ... N
Low temperature gas boiler (23 - 54 kW)

With reliable technology proven over the years and high performances (up to 54kW), the floor-standing DTG X boiler is the ideal heating solution for small or large individual houses. By juxtaposing or superposing a domestic hot water calorifier, the DTG X boiler offers the double service: heating and domestic hot water production.

Compact and simple
- fitted with a very user-friendly electromechanical control panel
- sober design and compact dimensions minimise space requirements


  • High output and energy savings
  • Sober design
  • Comfort and simplicity

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Characteristics of the range

Model DTG X ... N
DTG X ... N / GMT 130
Output 1 23 - 54 kW 23 - 54 kW
Type of boiler Low temperature
Fuel source
Gas For natural gas and propane using a conversion kit
Heating only  
Heating + Domestic hot water:
130L calorifier adjacent or under ther boiler
Chimney flue
Control systems
Electromechanical control system

Details of the models

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DTG X ...N
DTG X … N / GMT 130