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Pompe à chaleur HP Inverter

HP Inverter from 6 to 27 kW

Efficiency for your home

The HP Inverter heat pump offers of broad output range, which adapts to all needs. The compact size both of its outdoor module and its indoor module take up minimum space for maximum performance all year round (operates down to -20°C, depending on the model).

Domestic hot water comfort

With tanks of 150 to 500 litres, the HP Inverter heat pump allows you to produce up to 70% of your domestic hot water absolutely free, guaranteeing you maximum comfort.

Diematic iSystem: the easy, intelligent control system solution

At once user friendly, intuitive, intelligent and systems-oriented, this control system can handle the diversity of modern heating systems: 2 basic circuits and 3 optional circuits for evolutive, multi-energy heating solutions. It is extremely easy to browse and read (extra-large LCD display).

  • Output: from 6 to 27 kW
  • Dimensions of the outdoor unit: H 600 to 1350 x W 887 to 950 x D 365 to 417 mm
  • Control system: Diematic iSystem
  • Weight empty: 45 to 135 kg

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