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Chauffe-eau thermodynamique KALIKO - De Dietrich

Thermodynamic hot water heater

Energy savings are in the air!

The thermodynamic water heater operates on the principle of the air source heat pump. The various models can be used to extract energy either from the ambient air (a cellar, for example), from the outside air or when connected to a mechanical ventilation system.

Energy from fresh air for your well-being

The Kaliko thermodynamic water heater uses energy found in the air to heat the hot water tank. It thus offers the added benefit that 70% of your domestic hot water is absolutely free!
Equipped with a glass-lined 214- to 270-litre tank, it covers the domestic hot water needs of a family of up to 6 people. 

An interesting alternative to fossil fuels

The thermodynamic water heater does not need fossil fuels to work and emits three times less CO2 than an electric water heater. As part of a renovation project, it can be combined with other energy sources. 

Quality hot water

The Kaliko thermodynamic water heater is composed of a glass-lined steel tank to provide quality hot water and a magnesium anode that guarantees the product a long, maintenance-free life.

  • 270 litre enamelled tank
  • Uses energy from ambient air
  • Multi-energy solution

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Characteristics of the range

ETWH 180 E ETWH 230 E TWH FS 200 E TWH FS 270 E
Hot Water Performance
Connection method
ambient air
outside air
Capacity 180 L 230 L 200 L 270 L
Heating time*
9h03 13h50 6h30* 7h55
Operating temperature
+5°C to +43°C -15°C to +42°C
HP output
1500 W 1700 W
Electrical resistor output
1550 W 2400 W
COP at 15°C

Acoustic pressure
46,2 dB(A) 59 dB(A)
Cooling fluid
R 134 A
Auxiliary heating
* from 10 to 53°C in accordance with EN 16147

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

Thermodynamic hot water tank CETD
KALIKO Essentiel