Chauffe-eau thermodynamique KALIKO - De Dietrich


Thermodynamic water heater

Significant energy savings

Extracting energy from the air enables you to make energy savings of up to 65% on heating your domestic hot water.

Comfort and hot water all year round

Kaliko has a broad operating range of -5°C to +35°C for year-round use on outside air or ambient air (from an unheated room) or when connected to a mechanical ventilation system, and meets the entire family's hot water needs.

An efficient control system 

The Kaliko thermodynamic water heater incorporates a control system that offers four modes of operation to guarantee optimum appliance performance and the comfort level the user wants.

Solar or boiler back-up

The Kaliko thermodynamic water heater can be linked to your boiler or solar system. In this way, solar energy can first pre-heat the water in the tank and the thermodynamic system can take over if necessary.

  • Efficient solution, can be combined with other energy sources
  • Environmentally friendly: use of the ambient heat in the air, clean, renewable energy
  • Abundant domestic hot water: capacity of 214 to 270 litres
  • Performance: domestic hot water heating by the HP up to 62°C

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