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Thermodynamic water heater

This model is composed of an outdoor unit that collects energy from the air and a tank to be installed inside the home.

Ideal in new build

Thanks to its very fine refrigerant links between the hot water tank and the outdoor module, the thermodynamic water heater is straightforward to install and preserves the impermeability of walls and insulation. Moreover, it runs all year round, even at extreme temperatures of -15°C to +42°C.

Compact and discreet

Composed of an outdoor energy collection module, Kaliko Split is very compact and fits in anywhere. It will soon be a part of the furniture thanks to its low noise level when running, providing optimum acoustic comfort.

Lots of hot water whenever you need it

With its capacities of 200 or 270 litres, depending on the model, the Kaliko Split thermodynamic water heater guarantees you quality hot water in the quantities you need for your entire family.
  • Ultra-efficient: COP up to 3.42
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal in new build
  • Abundant quality hot water

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