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Collective solar installations
Collectors, calorifiers and accessories for collective solar installations.

Solar energy is an energy of future: free, non-polluting and economic

Environmental protection: A collective solar installation with an average of 100 m² of solar collectors saves 35 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.
Energy savings and subsidies: A De Dietrich solar installation produces an average of between 500 and 650 kWh per year per m² of collector. It provides, on average, around 50% of the hot water needs of a building.
Solar installations benefit from significant subsidies and achieve substantial energy savings.

The De Dietrich solar systems:

De Dietrich Solar products are designed with high-quality materials, selected for their strength and longevity. They offer high performance.
To construct a solar installation, De Dietrich offers you a complete solution consisting of:

high performance solar collectors: flat or tubular,
• calorifiers: various storage capacities, various options for managing additional requirements (electric, boiler, gas water heater),
accessories: control panels, solar stations and communication interfaces.

DC 750-2
DC 750-2
Independent high performance dual-mode heating/DHW 750 l calorifier

Non-equipped B 802 - B 1002 solar calorifiers
B...2 tanks are designed to be integrated into simple solar systems with a built-in back-up boiler. They are used to produce domestic hot water.
RSB 800 to 3000 storage tanks
RSB enamel tanks are designed to be integrated into domestic hot water solar storage systems.
Photo produit préparateur tampon PS et PSB
PS and PSB 600 to 3000 buffer tanks
PS buffer tanks are used to store heating water

DIETRISOL PRO C 250 collectors
DIETRISOL PRO C 250 collectors are used for heating domestic hot water and for heating.