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Système INISOL UNO : chauffage par capteur solaire thermique, production d'eau chaude sanitaire

Inisol, solar systems
For individual domestic hot water production

Sun for each person, solar for everyone
The sun is a natural, free, unlimited and clean energy source. INISOL is the solar solution from Easylife which is adapted to your domestic hot water needs. Choosing INISOL is to make the ecological choice and comfort with simplicity and at an attractive price.

A complete range that responds to all your needs
Made up of one or many INISOL DB 200 H collectors and INISOL UNO tanks,  the INISOL range is adapted to all configurations. The solar collectors can be installed on the roof, integrated into the roof or installed on a terrace. Depending on the installation, the tanks are available with hydraulic or electric connections:
- the INISOL UNO/ BESL with electric connections
- the INISOL UNO/ BSL with hydraulic connections

Guaranteed DHW comfort
INISOL guarantees high volumes of quality domestic hot water, over long periods of time. Large volumes of domestic hot water are available with the four different tanks INISOL UNO 150, 200, 300, 400 et 500 litres which can provide upto 60% of your annual needs.

Perfect installation, everywhere
De Dietrich designed INISOL to specifically simplify installation and reduce the installation time for more savings. With simple and compact tanks, effective and aesthetic solar collectors, INISOL will make your life easy.

  • Free hot water upto 60%
  • CO2 emissions reduced to 0 grams
  • Automatic system regulation
  • Optimal integration into the roof
  • 50% tax credit for new constructions or renovations

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Characteristics of the range

Number of people per household
2 - 3 people 3 – 4 people 4 – 5 people
Net surface area m2/Type of solar collectors

1 DB 200 H
2 m2
2 DB 200 H
4 m2
3 DB 200 H
6  m2
Solar tanks (type and capacity)
UNO/BSL with hydraulic compensation support
150 l     
200 l  
300 l     •  
400 l       •
500 l    
UNO/BESL with electrical compensation support
200 l     •  
300 l     •  
400 l       •

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

DH 200 and CH 250 flat collectors