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CF 120 CSE
Wood burning cast iron boilers

Home heating comfort which also preserves the environment
Because saving energy and protecting the environment are key concerns, De Dietrich offers an innovative range of solid fuel boilers. They are efficient, reliable and easy to use. For even greater efficiency and optimal energy savings, you can also connect other heat sources to your solid fuel boiler.

  • An economical and unlimited resource
  • A fuel source which respects the environment
  • Heating systems which are modern and efficient
  • Possibility to combine of fuel sources for additional efficiency

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Characteristics of the range

Model CF 120 CSE
Fuel source Logs or coal
Output (kW) 25 - 49
Function Heating only
Length of logs (mm) 250 to 750
Recommended use
Combined with :  
An Oil / Gas boiler
A heat pump
A Heat Pump + Solar power
Solar power  
Recommended periods of use
All year round  
During the heating season  
As additional heating when it is very cold

Details of the models

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CF 120 CSE