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Chaudière gaz murale à condensation Naneo



High performance
With its efficiency of 109% and its burner modulating from 14 to 100%, the PMC-X can achieve 30 to 40% energy savings in comparison to a traditional older-generation boiler.

Wide range of applications
Suitable for new builds and renovations, the PMC-X is the most compact boiler on the market. Its weight of just 25 kg allows easy handling and installation.

A simplified control panel
The boiler's removable control panel can be placed on the wall or under the boiler. Very easy to use, this control system allows the boiler to operate in standby mode with a consumption of just 3 Watts.

  • 30 to 40% energy savings
  • Efficiency of 109%
  • Greatly reduced weight: 25 kg
  • Ultra-compact
  • Easy maintenance

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Characteristics of the range

Models 24 24-28 MI 30-35 MI 34-39 MI
Gas All natural gases and propane
Heating output
6,1 to 24,8 kW 8,5 to 31 kW 8,5 to 35,7 kW
Domestic hot water output
  27,5 kW 33,9 kW 37,8 kW
Boiler type
Heating only
Heating + micro-storage domestic hot water
Forced flue
Control systems (options)
Modulating room thermostat (wire-controlled)
Modulating room thermostat (wireless)
Programmable wire-controlled room thermostat
Programmable wireless room thermostat
Non-programmable room thermostat
Outside sensor

Details of the models

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PMC-M 24
PMC-M ... MI