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Photo produit chaudière murale gaz à condensation NANEO S EMC-S 24/34

Wall-hung gas condensig boiler

High performance


With its efficiency of 110% and its modulating burner from 24 to 100%, the PMC-S boiler achieves 30 to 40% energy savings compared to a conventional old generation boiler. In addition a new version of 34 kW completes this range.


Wide applications


Suitable both for new installations and the replacement market, the PMC-S is the most compact boiler on the market. Its weight of only 25 kg for the 24 kW model allows easy handling and installation.


A new control panel with LCD-screen


The removable boiler control panel can be placed on the wall or under the boiler. Very easy to use with its backlit display, it allows a basic setting of parameters via 4 adjustment keys.

  • Efficiency of 110%
  • Extremely reduced weight: 25 kg or 28 kg
  • Ultra compact
  • Easy maintenance
  • New control panel

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

PMC-S 24-34 for heating only
PMC-S MI for heating and micro-accumulator domestic hot water production