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Chaudiere ZENA 24 / 24 MI FF par De Dietrich

Wall-hung low temperature gas boiler 24 kW

Zena boilers are intended for heating and domestic hot water production.

High-performance to suit everyone's pocket
The reduced dimensions and the clean aesthetic line of Zena boilers make every installation option available to you:
  • Attractive price,
  • Boiler delivered fully assembled, easy to install and ready to use.
  • Ultra-compact to fit in anywhere in your home.
  • 24 kW output, ideal for heating and domestic hot water alike.
3-star domestic hot water
Every model can be used to produce domestic hot water, offering you 3-star comfort, in line with the EN 13.203 standard.

Quite simply efficient: temperature control to the degree.
Non-programmable thermostat used to adjust the set point temperature directly from the room of your choice.
Weekly programmed thermostat used to define the set point temperatures for various time slots in advance.
Programmable thermostat with outside sensor allowing energy savings of up to 25%.

  • High-performance and compact
  • Simple and versatile
  • 3-star domestic hot water
  • Attractive price

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Characteristics of the range

Models ZENA 24 ZENA 24 MI ZENA 24 BIC ZENA 24/BS80 ZENA 24/BS 130
Energy natural gas/propane*
Output (in kW) 24 24 24 24 24
Heating only        
Heating + micro-storage domestic hot water        
Heating + hot water with integrated 40-L tank        
Heating + ext. 80-L DHW storage tank        
Heating + ext. 130-L DHW storage tank        
Forced flue
Control system
Electronic panel with direct circuit and DHW circuit control
Optional control by room temperature thermostat
Optional control with outside sensor

Details of the models

Click on the model to get more details :

ZENA 24/BS 80
ZENA 24/BS 130