Project : Customised solutions for the whole building
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Project : customised solutions for the whole building

Project De Dietrich

PROJECT : customised solutions for the whole building

Why did they choose Project?

Today, the energy performance of buildings is one of the primary concerns of professionals. These issues involve numerous parameters. This is why, at De Dietrich, we believe that your expectations go far beyond a mere heating generator: you now have to design complete systems in line with your project.
Depending on the specifications of your projects - surface area, location, building use - De Dietrich, the essential player on the collective market, aims to provide everyone with a relevant solution in terms the environment, performance, investment and energy savings. This is why our products provide the perfect response to the specifications, from the design office to the client, and not forgetting the public housing authorities.

Products in the Project range
Discover De Dietrich's medium and high output boilers, "construction site" solutions and collective solar solutions.

Medium and High output boilers

De Dietrich's medium and high output boiler range comprises:

Project : Floor standing boilers

Chaudiere fioul/gaz GT 220

Cast iron fuel oil / gas GT 220

  • Economic and silent operation 
  • Burner, regulation, domestic hot water: personalised comfort
  • Installation and maintenance made easier

Project : Commercial boilers

commercial boiler CABK

Commercial Boiler CABK and CABK Plus

  • Very high efficiency
  • Hard-wearing, tried and test construction
  • Easy handling and connection

Photo produit chaudière fioul à condensation Modulens O Pro

Modulens O PRO floor standing oil-fired condensing boiler

  • Compact, modular boiler
  • Heating only
  • High-efficiency

wall-hung condensing boiler INNOVENS MCA PRO 160

Gas condensing INNOVENS PRO MCA

The space-saving solution

  • Only heating and / or hot water preparation
  • Solution with cascade connection
  • Control of combined systems
  • Accurate and ergonomic regulation
  • Low pollutant emissions

Chaudiere GTU C 330 par De Dietrich

GTU C 330 oil condensing boilers

  • The oil condensing solution for collective needs
  • Return on operating efficiency up to 104%
  • A wide output range (from 56.7 to 291.2 kW)

DTG 230 - 330 cast-iron gas boilers

  • High annual operating efficiency (up to 96%)
  • Operation at low temperatures
  • Optimal combustion hygiene and minimal pollutant emissions
  • Can be installed anywhere (existing or new boiler rooms)

GT 330, GT 430 and GT 530 cast-iron/gas boilers

  • To be fitted with an oil or gas burner
  • Low temperature operation
  • Optimal combustion hygiene
  • Easy maintenance and sweeping

Project : Wall-hung boilers

Chaudière gaz murale à condensation Naneo

PMC Condensing gas-fired boiler

  • 30 to 40% energy savings
  • Efficiency of 109%
  • Greatly reduced weight: 25 kg
  • Ultra-compact
  • Easy maintenance

Photo produit chaudière murale gaz à condensation MPX

MPX wall hung gas condensing boiler

An ideal boiler for the replacing market

  • Compact range with 2 width of widths to adapt to all needs
  • Reliabilbility with its brass hydrobloc and its stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Preset multi-brands replacing kits for the optimisation of the starting up

Project : Solar installations

Collective installations

  • Eco-friendly heating solution
  • Free energy
  • Performance and reliability over time

Project : Domestic hot water

FWP Hot water tanks with plate exchanger

  • Suitable for all types of collective buildings
  • As much hot water as you need at a constant temperature
  • High quality DHW
  • Economical system with controlled operating costs
  • High performance to meet any domestic hot water need